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Peglanje snowa is independent production company based in Zagreb. We specializes in working with new authors whose work represents a kind of departure from established forms of storytelling and production frameworks. A new generation company made up of a diverse array of authors and film professionals.

Production of feature films by new authors, debut or other feature, short, debut films and experimental genres that combine the latest technological advances and artistic forms of storytelling in the 21st century.

A separate pillar of the company’s business is the production of TV content in documentary and feature form.

Under the auspices of the company, there is a commercial brand specializing in the production of corporate audiovisual content, promotional videos and advertisements, and a separate brand specializing in the production of innovative business gifts.



Production Services and Outsourcing

We help your vision/ideas come true; From idea to reality

Offering wide range of audiovisual production services in pre-production, production and post-production

Corporate Video and Commercials

Engage your audiences

No matter if you wish to promote your company or just create audiovisual promotion of your work, our team will help you stand out from the crowd.


Multi-platform production and campaign management

Cross media and production of multi-platform campaigns that span different platforms from TV, films, online apps and classic mediums such as books and comics our goal is to deliver engaging stories to broad audiences around the world.

our work


Production services and outsourcing

We were tasked with finding our client a venue in Croatia to host Eurodoc – a state of the art training program specially designed to meet the needs of documentary film producers – that consists of workshops and networking events for 50 documentary producers from all around the Europe.

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