PROJECT: Rotary Inter Country Committee Forum 2019
YEAR: 2019
SERVICES: Event Management / Content creation / Public Relations

The aim

The project took place in Pula during the Rotary Annual Conference 2019. It was done in cooperation with Chief Rotary ICC Coordinator for Croatia. Its main goal was to encourage members of Croatian Rotary ICC and their peers from Europe to join the Forum. Meanwhile, the main challenge was to motivate participants to take an active role in Forums workshops. Forum activities were meant to set future direction of Croatian Inter Country Committee coordination and create connections with other countries.

Forum & Workshops

We got on to business straight away. First, we did an audience targeting and prepared a detailed definition of target groups. After that, we proceeded to the next step – Forum redefinition. To meet the targets goals, the Forum needed to take a new form. In short, it had to be fast, because of the tight time schedule, and it had to be fun. To redefine it, we divided it into two parts. It began with a short introductory session which lead to the workshop session. It was supposed to enable participants to take an active role in creating the new strategy.

Now that we had the new form of the Forum and defined target audiences, we created a communication plan. In addition, we designed and wrote sets of communication tools for different target groups. The communication plan was focused on motivating members to be a part of regional cooperation on sustainable usage of water.

And the Forum day finally arrived. It took place in a sunny conference room in hotel Histria, one of the most beautiful hotels in Pula. Peglanje snova took care of sending the message about sustainable usage of water, the purpose of the event. To do that, we created posters, newsletters and roll-up banners. Most importantly, to remind participants about the new strategy when they get home, we created branded glass bottles. Last, but not least, we had so much fun during the process!

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